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Export Help Required

Hi Guys

I'm a Newbie, can anyone help using Zenoss v4.2.4
Running Python v2.7.2
Linux OS

Can anyone help, I need to export the Monitoring Templates, Export the Device List and Groups
Anybody know how this can be done via the Portal or Shell Command Line

Any help would be appreciated, been looking online, searching but cannot find the answer I need.


Does not seem to be a simple process?




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A couple of suggestions:

A couple of suggestions:

zenbatchdump is a standard utility that will export device classes, device instances with their zProperties, Locations, Groups and Systems.  zenbatchload is the equivalent import.

Another hint would be to pull my audit zenpack fronm github - https://github.com/jcurry/Audit  . It isn't an export as such but it does dump all sorts of different elements from the ZODB database.

Why are you trying to export?  What do you plan to do with the export?



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