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Scale on Zenoss Service Dynamic

We are looking to deploy new age unifiied monitoring solution for our distributed infrastructure.  Zenoss claims to provide the elusive "Single Pane of Glass" which we are looking. 

I understand Zenoss Core might not scale to our infrastructure [ + 25,000 nodes ]. What I wanted to get some feedback from the community is the biggest scale you are aware of with Zenoss Service Dynamic.

Real world feedback would be much appreciated. Infact, reference to any other tool for that matter would be even more valuable.





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1) As far as i know zenoss is

1) As far as i know zenoss is the only the tool which can give you single pain of glass for all your infrastructure. Infact i worked for one customer on configuring 5.x and they do have around 20000+ devices. 

2) And there is one more you may want to consider(logicmonitor) though they do only saas. But the hard part is it might take atleast 1 - 2years to migrate all monitoring using logicmonitor as they do basic and lot of customization needs to be done. They do lack cisco ucs, and not par upto windows servers monitoring when i did demo.

I recommend zenoss 5.2 as it's more matured and you don't have to deal with any agents crap. ssh,snmp,winrm,http calls will do all the work.



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