Use GROUPS with Virtual Machine Xenserver

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Use GROUPS with Virtual Machine Xenserver

Hello All,

Im new on zenoss and im trying to set up my first monitoring  platform.

Im using Linux, windows and Xenserver, and all of them are monitored (just need to tune but its okay).

im stuck with juste a "display" issue. I downloaded the zenpack for XenServer and its works very well (XenServer 7.0).
I can see the VM which works on them and see their CPU, disk utilization...etc

I want to organize the display and i dont want to go to device -> xenserver -> host-xen -> check the informations about one VM.
I would like to create a GROUPS under "devices" to go to see them directly..but i can't drag and drop like other server.

Do you know if its possible to do this with another way ?

i can't monitor this VMs directly and bypass xenserver as Zenoss-Server don't have any access on the VMs.


Thanks for your help !! and i wish you all an happy new year !!

Best regards,