Will Zenoss 5.1 core work for me?

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Will Zenoss 5.1 core work for me?

Will Zenoss 5.1 core work for me?



I am new to Zenoss world and  have following requirements can somebody please guide...


The queries are




 1. We need to monitor 100K devices, but those are all same kind of IoT devices and messaging framework would be ours. 

 2. We would like to transfer/FTP data in bulk from those devices to Zenoss server using our pipeline and after which we would like further monitoring details.

 3. Due to 3rd party company policy we couldn't install any sort of agents on the device but we would be FTP'd data at central place and from there we could take care.

 4. Now since we are not suppose to receive direct data from 100K devices neither we could ssh/snmp to those devices, so will not limitation of 1000 devices be good enough? If not why?

 5.  Can we use ControlCenter with HBase support or OpenTSTB support as given in opensource/free-form  ?

 6.  OR can I use epuzanov/ZenPacks.community.DistributedCollectors which would apparently enable multiple hubs / multiple collectors & allow me to scale?




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Will Zenoss 5.1 core work for me?

It is a very good and interesting for that.


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Egor Puzanov's Distributed

Egor Puzanov's Distributed Collectors ZenPack is for versions of Zenoss prior to Zenoss 5.  With 5, there are other mechanisms to help you scale up but theye are not documented well if you are using the Core (free) version.



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